VIA Festival

VIA is an annual Pittsburgh-based festival and series of events blurring the boundaries of music, art and technology through collaborative AV performances, exhibitions, mobile occurrences, and lectures.

The 2016 festival featured original live mixed video co-designed with Davey Steinman and Giada Sun for musical artists Xuan Rong, Seth Graham, Negative Gemini, Ginger Brooks Takahashi, Ghost Cop, DJ SMI, and Track Meet.

I created a series of "wet show" videos by altering the state of analogue creative tools - acrylic ink, chalk, and crayons - and exposing them to large quantities of water and/or heat. These videos were combined and manipulated in real time with live video feeds of other common items including mesh screens, wooden blocks, and printed fabrics in order to achieve and project a non-linear, atmospheric, and highly visual experience in conversation with each musician's performance.

Video & Media Design: Adam J. Thompson, Davey Steinman, Giada Sun
Festival Direction: Lauren Goshinski

Software: Isadora, Millumin 2, Final Cut Pro
Materials: acrylic ink, chalk, crayons, white foam core, water, mesh screen

Production History: Ace Hotel Pittsburgh (2016)