Production History //

City Theatre Company | Pittsburgh | 2018

Creative Team //

Written by Dominique Morisseau
Directed by Reginald L. Douglas
Dramaturg: Claire Drobot
Music: 1Hood Media Academy
Scenic Design: Tony Ferrieri
Lighting Design: Andrew David Ostrowski
Costume Design: Dominique Fawn Hill
Sound Design: Zachary Beattie-Brown
Video and Projection Design: Adam J. Thompson

Video and Projection Team //

Video and Projection Design: Adam J. Thompson
Assistant Video and Projection Design: Sophie Chen and SooA Kim
Video and Projection Engineers: Brad Peterson, Joseph Amodei, and Giada Sun

// Press

“The projected effects by Adam J. Thompson from floor to back wall to ceiling are vivid and reinforce both the personal journeys of the people we meet and where they live and work. Moreover, we even see the faces of other young black men lost to gunshots –including Antwon Rose and Trayvon Martin – referencing every parent’s worst nightmare and our recent history.“ - Pittsburgh in the Round

“Adam Thompson’s media design enlivens the space with images and text that raise the stakes of the action for both the characters and the audience – including, at one throat-catching moment, images of Trayvon Martin, Antwone Rose, and other young men whose promise may likely have been thwarted by our education system long before they fell victim to the racist assumptions of a man with a gun.” - The Pittsburgh Tatler

“The biggest star on the stage is the stage itself…Coupled with Adam J. Thompson’s video design…the most basic elements of theatre become magical.” - Burgh Vivant