Pato, Pato, Maricón

Pato, Pato, Maricón,  written by L.H. Gonzalez and composed by Andrew Abrahamsen, is a rap-opera show-and-tell inspired by true events. Set in a Harlem public middle school,  this unique musical - an exploration of family, bullying, and self-affirmation - tells the story of three brothers with two-and-a-half coming out stories.

Custom video animations in the style of chalkboard drawings grounded the production in the point of view of middle school students, simultaneously setting locations, revealing character psychology, and exploding social media activities into visual space.

Video Design: Adam J. Thompson
Scenic Design: Sasha Schwartz
Lighting Design: Jacob Wesson
Costume Design: Alexis Carrie
Sound Design: Aaron Landgraf
Direction: Kayla Stokes

Production History: Carnegie Mellon University (2017), Ars Nova (2018)