A lone character lies in their bedroom, swiping the phone in search of contact. With a friend, they renovate their online persona, receive an invitation from a stranger, and arrange for an evening together. As the night deepens, communications obstruct, destinations evade, and attempts at intimacy unmask a profound and insurmountable corruption.

Opacity is built around the framework of the 'interface,' specifically the threat of the increasingly opaque intermediation of algorithms between the real and the experienced. The performance uses sculptural, choreographic and computational models to hack, encrypt, spoof, troll, spam and camouflage our digital identities, and return these coded selves to the realms of the real.

Software: Isadora

Assistant Video Design by Adam J. Thompson
Video Design by Caden Manson
Created by Big Art Group

Production History: We're Watching Festival, Richard B. Fisher Center for the Performing Arts, Bard College (2017)